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Sergeant spots, arrests drunken driver
Ceres Cop Car

Speeding, erratic driving and lane changes without signaling prompted Ceres Police Sgt. Darren Venn to make a traffic stop on and arrest a 63-year-old Ceres driver on Friday evening.

Venn was southbound on Mitchell Road from Don Pedro Road at 9 p.m. when he noticed Benjamin Broughton, 63, of Ceres, driving erratically as they approached Service Road. Venn initiated a traffic stop in the parking lot near the Blue Horse Lounge and Bar on Service Road. Venn sensed Broughton was intoxicated from blood shot/watery eyes, slurred speech and the strong odor of an alcohol. Broughton told the sergeant he had two drinks prior to driving. He failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. Broughton submitted to a preliminary breath test and the results were .09 percent blood alcohol content.

Broughton was booked for misdemeanor DUI.