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Sheriff warns of police imposters
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The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department is investigating a report of individuals impersonating law enforcement officers in the Turlock and Denair area.

The two suspects are reported to be driving a newer white Chevy car with forward facing red and blue emergency lights.

If drivers who are being pulled over by law enforcement are unsure of the vehicle's origins, they should slow down, follow all traffic laws, put on the emergency flashers, and continue driving to the next well-lit open business or populated area before pulling over. Drivers could also call 9-1-1 to verify with the dispatcher that the vehicle with the flashing lights is a law enforcement officer. Give the dispatcher a detailed location of where you are and a description of your vehicle.

Generally, if the police vehicle has police markings, it is highly unlikely that it would be an imposter, the Sheriff's Department said in a community alert news release. A civilian driving a marked police vehicle would most likely be spotted very quickly by an actual police officer, and that individual would quickly get arrested for impersonating an officer. If a marked police vehicle is attempting to pull you over, it's generally safe to assume that that individual is a real police officer.

Anyone who may have information on the two suspects or has been contacted by individuals impersonating law enforcement recently is asked to contact the Sheriff's Department at 552-2468 or your local police department.