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Stockton man jailed for DUI in freeway stop
• Officer's attention drew to suspect's expired license plate tags
Oscar Hernandezvidal
Oscar Hernandezvidal

Expired license registration tags caused a Ceres Police officer to pull over a 30-year-old Stockton driver on Saturday evening and learn that he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.

At 5:20 p.m., Officer Matthew Myers was in the area of Whitmore and Herndon when he saw a white Jeep Grand Cherokee pass him and saw the expired tag. Officer Myers pulled in behind the Jeep as it entered the on-ramp to northbound Highway 99. Officer Myers made a traffic stop on the shoulder of the freeway.

While speaking to driver Oscar Hernandezvidal, 30, of Stockton, the officer Myers noticed he was displaying signs and symptoms of someone appeared to be under the influence. After a DUI investigation, Hernandezvidal was arrested for DUI. He consented to give an evidentiary blood sample and then was booked for DUI.