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Stolen car recovered with suspect
Jose Raya Jr.
Jose Raya Jr.

A stolen white Volkswagon Jetta was recovered early Saturday by an alert officer who also arrested its driver for grand theft auto.

At 2:32 a.m., Officer Kevin Sakasegawa saw the vehicle being driven evasively in the area of Mitchell Road near Whitmore Avenue when it quickly darted into the Whitmore Shopping Center from Mitchell Road after spotting the patrol car. 

Officer Sakasegawa kept an eye on the vehicle, which was missing the rear license plate, as it traveled through the shopping center, exiting on the Whitmore Avenue side. Officer Sakasegawa positioned himself behind the Jetta and conducted a traffic stop at Whitmore Avenue and Tenth Street. 

Driver Jose Raya Jr., 37, of Ceres told Officer Sakasegawa that he borrowed the car from a friend. It had been, however, been reported stolen. Raya was charged with auto theft and probation violations.