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Store holds theft suspect until police arrive
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The owner of Liquor King, 3240 Mitchell Road, held one of two would-be thieves for police on Monday, despite the suspect's fight.

A 911 call was placed after the store owner spotted two men attempting to leave the store with items they were stealing. The owner-clerk could only grab one of the suspects, Nikko Gil, 24, of Turlock, and wrestled with him until he was able to handcuff him.

Gil was arrested and book into the Stanislaus County Jail with charges of shoplifting and two outstanding warrants.

The second suspect was described as a white male adult, 5-foot-8, with a shaved head and a tribal tattoo on one of his legs. He was seen wearing black shorts and a black shirt.

In response to the incident, Ceres police issued the following statement on its Facebook page: "While we encourage business owners and the public to help us fight crime, we ask you be careful in your endeavors, make wise decisions and know your limits."