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Suspect arrested for attempted burglary
Ceres Cop Car

Anthony Gonsalves, 31, of Hayward, was arrested after a Ceres Police officer saw him early Thursday morning, Oct. 6 allegedly trying to break into two businesses in a Whitmore Avenue shopping area.

At 12:20 a.m. the officer was patrolling the area of Whitmore and Rockefeller avenues when he saw Gonsalves standing in front of Liquor Locker at 1578 E. Whitmore Ave. The officer drove around block and returned to see what he was up to when he saw the suspect kicking the front doors three times in attempt to break in. When he failed Gonsalves moved to New Image Hair Salon where he was seen kicking those doors twice. That's when the officer shined the spotlight on him and ordered him on the ground. Gonsalves laughed, however, and moved down further and kicked at the doors to Metro PCS. Despite the officer's command to halt, the suspect ran east into an open field and dropped on his stomach and began to crawl through field. Because of the suspect's unusual behavior, police released canine Dex on him to assist with his apprehension.

Gonsalves sustained superficial bites but was treated at a local hospital before taken to jail where he was uncooperative and had to be forced to the ground with the help of several jail deputies who subdued him. He was arrested and charged with attempted burglary, resisting arrest, and being under the influence of alcohol in public.