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Suspect fights officer, goes to jail
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A 29-year-old Los Angeles man was arrested Friday evening after he was seen trying to open the door of a house and car and then fought the responding Ceres Police Officer.

At 11:01 p.m., Sergeant Travis Hudson received the call about the likely attempted break-ins in the area of Hatch and Moffett roads. Over an hour later Hudson found a man walking south on Moffett just north of Hatch Road who matched the description given.

Sgt. Hudson approached Gilbert Calderon who refused to stop. Hudson grabbed one of the straps of his backpack and he spun out of it. Sgt. Hudson then grabbed the male by the wrist while attempting to call for a backup unit. The male spun out of his grasp and fled on foot into Hatch Road. 

Sgt. Hudson gave chase and hit Calderon with his Taser. He groaned as if there was some discomfort, but he kept running. Sgt. Hudson continued to run after Calderon in the eastbound lanes until he took him to the ground. 

During questioning Calderon said he ran because the officer was a big guy who was trying to grab him.

Calderon did not have any warrants for his arrest or anything illegal on his person.  He was arrested for obstruction and delaying an officer and booked at the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center.