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Suspect seen striking girlfriend in face
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A 22-year-old Modesto man was arrested Monday, Jan. 12 after a witness saw him strike his girlfriend in the face repeatedly during a domestic squabble outside their Pine Ridge Apartments unit.

The 12:11 a.m. arrest came after a Ceres Police officer showed up and heard the suspect assaulting the woman inside an apartment unit at 1301 Richland Avenue.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jose Berber said that a citizen watched Cesar Navarro, 22, of Modesto, engage in a heated argument with his girlfriend outside the apartment. A child who was approximately 3 years old was present. The witness said that Navarro became very angry and punched her in the face several times before both went inside the apartment. The witness called police and then directed officers to the unit. As he stood at the door, an officer heard sounds of someone being wrestled and a muffled scream from the woman. The officer kicked open the door believing that the woman's life may be in danger. When the door flew open the officer saw Navarro on top of the woman. He saw the officer and tried to escape into the kitchen before he was tackled.

Sgt. Berber said the argument was over Navarro being seen with another woman.

The woman sustained facial injuries but refused medical attention.

Navarro was booked for domestic violence charges.