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Suspicions lead officer to auto theft arrest
Ceres Cop Car

An auto theft suspect drew the attention of a Ceres Police officer passing by him early Wednesday morning, July 19, by hiding his face. That led to a traffic stop and arrest because Bruno Tostado Jr., 46, of Stockton, was in possession of a stolen vehicle.

At 1:11 a.m., Ceres Police Officer Vince Hooper was driving through the Quik Stop parking lot at 1301 Service Road when he saw Tostado attempting to hide his face. The officer watched Tostado leave in a white Chevy pickup and travel southbound on Morgan Road. Hooper attempted to get behind the truck when Tostado turned off the headlights and make a quick turn onto Partee Drive, pulling into a business parking lot. Hooper stayed in the area and watched the truck. After about five minutes the truck backed out and drove back toward Morgan Road with its lights off. Hooper followed as the pickup's lights came on and drove southbound on Morgan Road. Hooper saw the license plate and conducted a check which revealed the vehicle was stolen. Other Ceres officers responded and a high-risk stop was conducted on Morgan Road south of Grayson Road to take him into custody.

Tostado said he just bought the vehicle for $400. Tostado was booked into the County Jail for felony auto theft and possession of stolen property.

A man and woman riding as passengers appeared to be uninvolved and were released.