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Teen accidentally shoots himself in the leg
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Police said that a man shot himself in the leg Thursday evening while meeting up in a Hatch Road parking lot where he planned to trade a gun for stereo equipment.

Officer Kiashira Ruiz was dispatched at 9:47 p.m. to McDonalds at 1324 E. Hatch Road, regarding the shooting. The dispatcher advised that the man stated he was doing an exchange from “Offer Up” and did not remember any information because he was going to pass out.

She tended to a wounded Daniel Madueno, 19, of Riverbank, who had driven to the parking of the nearby Dollar Tree. 

Because the bullet went into the upper part of the thigh and exited below it, she surmised that Madueno accidentally shot himself. Officer Ruiz placed a tourniquet on the leg and stopped the bleeding until paramedics took over. 

Ruiz interviewed others who were present and determined Madueno had a gun with him at the McDonalds and was showing it to a friend. While unloading the gun, the trigger was accidentally pulled with a round in the chamber and the gun went off. Daniel’s brother took Madueno’s vehicle and the gun to their house and secured it.

Officers responded to a residence in Modesto where they were allowed to search for the gun. The gun and others were secured. The family requested that Ceres Police seize all the guns to be destroyed.