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Teen jailed after breaking into house, second yard
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A 19-year-old Oakdale teenager was arrested and charged with trespassing after he was first reported inside of someone’s home in the 1500 Grandview Avenue on Monday morning, June 11.

A woman in the house saw Jaime Ornelas, walk into her home through the front door. Her husband grabbed Ornelas and forced him out as she called police at 7:10 a.m. Ornelas then walked eastbound wearing only blue jeans.

Officer Jessica Graham located Ornelas walking east on Giddings and then jumping into the yard of 1528 Giddings. Officers searched the area but couldn’t find him. At 9:49 a.m., police received a call from 1538 Giddings saying a male had jumped into her yard and pacing around. She called 911 while her daughter’s boyfriend confronted Ornelas who then left.

Officer Coey Henson showed up to arrest Ornelas. Both residents wanted to press trespassing charges. Ornelas, who was bleeding from his foot and had scratches all over his body, was taken to Doctors Medical Center for jail clearance. He was then booked into the Public Safety Center for trespassing.