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Three arrested in domestic violence call
Solomona Solomona Tyson Dimter
Solomona Solomona (left) and Tyson Dimter were two of the three men arrested when police responded to a domestic violence call.

Three men were arrested on various charges after an early Sunday domestic violence call was made to Ceres Police.

At 12:47 a.m. officers rushed to the area of Richland Avenue and Darby Lane for a report of an argument between a man and woman where she was screaming “please help me” and the male was in possession of a machete and AK style rifle. As officers were on the way, dispatchers received reports of shots fired in the area.

Officers found the victim who directed them to a nearby home where the suspect had fled. Police set up a perimeter around this residence and issued announcements over the loudspeaker for the occupants to come out as an air unit with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department hovered overhead. The air unit spotted two men in the backyard, one carrying a bag that was thrown over the fence onto a neighboring property.

Three men finally appeared: Harold Bridgeman, 36, and Tyson Dimter, 34, both of Ceres, and Solomona Solomona, 31, of Modesto.

Officers retrieved the bag which contained two AK-47 style rifles, an Intratec 9mm (tec-9), a silencer, high-capacity magazines, several rounds of various caliber ammunition, night vision, duct tape, full face masks, handcuffs and burglary tools.

Ceres Police learned Bridgeman was the original suspect who was involved in the argument and chasing the woman down the street. He was arrested for battery.

Dimter was charged with possession of a silencer, ammunition and a firearm by convicted person and possession of an assault weapon.

Solomona was charged with possession of firearm by felon/addict.