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Trapped theft suspect produces knife
Ceres Cop Car

A 33-year-old Modesto man was arrested Saturday morning after he allegedly tried to steal a license plate from a pickup and then brandished a knife at the man trying to hold him at bay until police arrived.

Police dispatchers received a call just prior to 8:30 a.m. about two suspicious men near Cost Less Foods attempting to steal a license plate from a vehicle. The pair was unsuccessful in removing it and when police arrived they were gone. About 10 minutes later a call came in from the apartment complex at 2004 Evans Road with the caller saying one man was crouched down to steal the license plate from her pickup while the other appeared to be the lookout. The husband hollered at the two and the one who was crouched down took off running while the guy who was standing ran for protection inside a green 1993 Chevy pickup, locking the doors. The victim attempted to keep the suspect, Christopher Suazo, 33, of Modesto, on scene until police arrived.

According to Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry, Suazo tried to escape by pulling out a knife and brandishing it and making slashing motions as if he were going to stab the victim. Another citizen jumped into action and they subdued Suazo, removed the knife and held him down. Police arrived and took Suazo into custody without incident. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon, possession of stolen property and possession of narcotics as he had heroin in his pocket.

The green pickup which the pair arrived in was stolen from a Turlock address, said Lt. Perry.

The other suspect was identified as Greg Bentley, 34, who is wanted for felony possession of stolen property.