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Trespassers arrested on site of eradicated pot grow
• Three caught on Richland Avenue parcel
trespassers Ceres
Carl Kalteich, Daniel Hardy and Jason Beck were arrested Nov. 4 trespassing on property that was recently cleared by police of an illegal marijuana growing operation.

Three men inside of a car trespassing on a lot which had recently been eradicated of an illegal marijuana growing operation were arrested Monday morning, Nov. 4 for drug possession and other charges.

Police were called at 12:38 a.m. about a suspicious car on the large parcel in the 1600 block of Richland Avenue. The property is posted with several “No Trespassing” signs.

As officers were checking for trespassers, a vehicle began traveling from the back part of the property toward Richland Avenue with its headlights off. Officers on foot yelled at the driver to stop but the car kept moving until Officer Eric Gallegos used his patrol vehicle to block their exit. Three occupants were detained.

Driver Carl Kalteich, 50, of Modesto, was found in possession of suspected methamphetamine. He was booked for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance and possession of brass knuckles.

Passenger Daniel Hardy, 31, of Modesto, was booked on a felony warrant, trespassing and probation violations.

The second passenger provided his brother’s name to officers but his true identity was revealed when he was confronted with a photograph of his brother. Jason Beck, 44, of Ceres, was booked for impersonating another to make them liable, trespassing and the felony warrant.