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Truck driver says he pulled gun in self-defense
Ceres Cop Car

A dispute between two truck drivers over a parking space at the loading area of WinCo Foods warehouse on Crowslanding Road escalated when one driver pulled out a loaded gun and aimed it at the other driver.

Officer Coey Henson responded to the 10:28 a.m. call made on Thursday. Through his investigation he learned that Bryan Steven Brown, 31, of Sacramento, had cut in front of a truck driven by Daniel Finch, 29, of Wenatchee, Wash. Brown got out of his truck and confronted Finch about cutting in front of him. Finch acted as if he could not hear Brown so Brown climbed up onto the truck and yelled at Finch through the driver window. Fearing he was about to be assaulted, Finch raised a loaded handgun and pointed it at Brown. Brown backed off and called the police.

Finch was wearing the gun on his hip in a holster concealed by a grey sweatshirt so it could not be seen. Officer Henson took the gun from Finch and found it was loaded with a bullet in the chamber. Finch provided a Washington State concealed weapon permit but had no legal right to carry it in California. The gun was not registered as Finch said he bought it from his brother. Finch was arrested for carrying a loaded concealed firearm, A misdemeanor. Finch was issued a citation and released on a promise to appear in court.

Brown did not wish to press charges for Finch pointing the gun at him during the argument.