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Two arrested for arrest warrants
Shay Gore (left) and Daniel Urzua

Two men were jailed Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 27 when police checked out reports of a suspicious looking man looking into parked vehicles and attempting to open their doors in the area of Hatch and Moffett roads.

Officer Eric Souza arrived at 1 p.m. and spotted two men who matched the description given.

Souza learned that one of the men, Shay Gore, 42, of Modesto had four warrants for his arrest and he was handcuffed.

While the officer was talking to Gore, Daniel Urzua, 27, of Ceres, decided to cross Moffett Road abruptly – forcing drivers to brake hard to avoid hitting him – and for some unknown reason walk up to Officer Souza. It was learned that Urzua also had a warrant for his arrest so he was also handcuffed.