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Two arrested in commercial burglary
Ceres Cop Car

Two persons were apprehended by police during a burglary of a Ceres business late Tuesday, April 10.

Officer Jessica Graham was dispatched to ABC Supply at 1842 Herndon Road by the alarm company that had video of two suspects in the supply yard wearing black hoodies. Graham and other officers located a hole cut in the fence and found several items in buckets and bags near the fence. She then encountered a man and woman exiting back out the hole in the fence who were in possession of property belonging to ABC Supply.

Arrested were Stephanie Gomez, 20, of Ceres, and Justin Hess, 27, of Ceres. Hess was on probation.

An employee of the business advised several items had been moved around on the property and that two trucks had been broken into. Gomez was in possession of one of the vehicles registration and the gas card to the vehicle. Hess had a pair of gloves on his person that belonged to the business.

During questioning both Gomez and Hess denied breaking into the property and stealing items and said they were on the property looking for their dog.

Gomez was booked for felony commercial burglary and conspiracy.

Hess was arrested for commercial burglary, conspiracy, and probation violation.