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Two arrested over stolen U-Haul truck
Ceres Cop Car

A stolen U-Haul box truck was recovered by Ceres Police Sunday evening as two suspects were booked for the theft.

At 9:04 p.m. Officer Eric Souza ran the Arizona license plate number of the U-haul truck, which was spotted on northbound Sixth Street north of Park Street, and learned it was reported stolen in Modesto on Feb. 20. The driver, Rudy Acevedo, 35, of Modesto, stopped in the driveway of 2509 Second Street and climbed out, only to be stopped by Officer Souza who had his gun drawn. Passenger Adeline Pargaz, 41, of San Jose, who had two small daughters with her, was also taken into custody. The girls were turned over to the care of their grandfather.

Acevedo said he had been driving the truck for nearly a month and claimed Pargaz rented the truck but did not return it to U-Haul at the end of the rental period because they needed transportation. Pargaz acknowledged that not returning the truck constituted theft.

Acevedo and Pargaz were both booked into the Public Safety Center for felony auto theft and possession of stolen property. Acevedo was also charged with probation violation. Additionally, he was also found to have a no bail outstanding felony warrant issued by Modesto Police for drug offenses.