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Two killed by bullets on Lassen Avenue

A shooting on Lassen Avenue in South Modesto Wednesday evening, March 15 took the lives of two Modesto men, one who was 37 and the other 54, and injured two more.

The shooting was reported at approximately 10:34 p.m. in the 1100 block of Lassen Avenue, a neighborhood north of West Whitmore Avenue and west of Crows Landing Road.

Killed were Gerardo Torres, 37, and Eddie Hernandez, 54.

Police investigators are attempted to sort out the squabble that led to the shooting but believe one of the dead men was the aggressor and the other was the victim. They also believe that all four men were shooters during the exchange of bullets.

Those living in the neighborhood say that the two men who were killed lived in the area many years but did not get along well.

One injured person was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital with serious injuries while the other was refused medical treatment at a hospital.

The Modesto homicides are the first for Modesto Police to investigate this year.

Those who have information to share that would aid in the investigation are urged to call the Modesto Police Department at 209-572-9500, or Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636. Another point of contact is Modesto Police homicide Detective Josh Lawrence at 209-572-9642.