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Two of nine in bar brawl arrested
Rowdy crowd at Blue Horse Lounge
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Three security guards were punched and kicked by patrons of the Blue Horse Lounge and shots fired early Saturday when a bar brawl spilled out into the parking lot.

The incident occurred at 1:33 a.m. at the lounge at 3018 Service Road at Mitchell Road.

The security staff members told police that the bar crowd grew loud and rowdy and some under aged persons tried to enter with fake IDs. One person produced more than one fake ID but was not allowed inside.

One female walked out of the bar holding a beer bottle and was asked by security to go back inside. That upset her and triggered nine patrons to angrily attack the three personnel, punching and kicking each of them as fight spilled into parking lot. One guard was struck in face with a beer bottle, said police.

One on the security team remembers seeing one person fire a handgun in the parking lot. The shots caused the crowd to disperse with one citizen following a silver car to the 1500 block of Caulfield Drive. The citizen then called police to report that the two occupants were involved in the fight.

Both Anthony Soliz, 29, of Ceres, and Joey Lopez Mosqueda, 19, of Modesto, were still sitting in the car when police arrived. The pair was reportedly belligerent with officers and taken into custody for public drunkenness.

Police are asking the public to help identify the shooter and the seven outstanding assault suspects. Persons may call Detectives at 538-5727.