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Two women jailed in theft of clothes from collection box
Ceres Cop Car

Two Modesto women were arrested early Wednesday morning, June 1 after they were caught attempting to steal clothing from the Green Education Foundation outdoor clothing donation receptacle in the 1500 block of Mitchell Road.

The in-progress burglary was reported to Ceres Police at 2:53 a.m. by a security company which is hired to remotely monitor the area. The firm reported seeing a woman climb inside the container and another female standing outside.

As Officer Kiashira Ruiz arrived the visible woman began to walk off. Coleen Jenson, 46, of Modesto, said she was waiting for a ride and said nobody was with her. Officer Ruiz asked her about the person inside the container and admitted it was her friend Allison Fennell, 34, of Modesto. When the metal container was opened Fennell was detained.

Both women later admitted they were trying to steal clothing by getting Fennell inside where she became trapped. Fennell was able to pass several items to Jenson through one of the slots. Evidence of the theft were bags outside the container which included purloined kids clothing, female shirts, a bra and several pair of shoes totaling about $100.

Both were arrested for felony burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary and booked into the Public Safety Center.