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Waterford man arrested for DUI
Speeding down South Ninth Street and tailgating flags officer's attention
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After cutting off motorists while speeding down South Ninth Street and tailgating another, a 24-year-old Waterford man was arrested by Ceres Police on Saturday evening, Feb. 22.

At 8:40 p.m. Officer Jessica Graham was on patrol on S. Ninth Street when she saw Seth Somner, driving a white SUV, cut in front of several vehicles at a high rate of speed on southbound Highway 99. Somner got off the freeway at the Whitmore exit and followed and tailgated another vehicle when Officer Graham initiated a traffic stop at El Camino Avenue and Magnolia Street. Somner appeared intoxicated and failed a sobriety test. Despite his claims that he had not consumed any alcohol, a breathalyzer test revealed a 0.20 percent blood alcohol content, over double the legal limit.

Somner, who was on probation for prior DUIs and whose driver’s license was suspended, was booked for DUI and probation violation.