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Window breaking nets arrests
Suspect Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

A 55-year-old Salinas woman was arrested early Monday after she admitted throwing rocks at vehicles parked in the alley behind 1932 Darrah Street.

Officer Charles Rushing was told at 12:04 a.m. to look for a gold-colored Escalade occupied by a woman throwing rocks at several vehicles. He found no suspect but located two vehicles with broken rear windows.

Officer Rushing interviewed a victim who saw a female later identified as 55-year-old Maria Ochoa Gonzalez throwing a rock through the rear window of her Nissan Armada. Gonzalez then picked up another rock and threw it through the back window of her boyfriend’s Dodge Charger.  

The victim knew Gonzalez as having problems with her in the past. There was another person who witnessed the incident and able to identify Gonzalez and the Escalade.

While on scene Officer Rushing spotted the Escalade traveling northbound on Lois Way so he pursued it and found it in the 1700 block of Margaret Way. Gonzalez had run from the vehicle but was found hiding behind a bush in a yard. Officer Rushing deployed his police canine and commanded Gonzalez to surrender which she did.

Arrested as an accessory was driver Cristopher Gonzalez-Hernandez, 22, of Modesto.

Gonzalez said she broke the windows because they broke her vehicle windows. Gonzalez said she was very upset, so she retaliated against the victim(s). Gonzalez-Hernandez admitted to driving Gonzalez and knowing what she was doing.

Both Gonzalez-Hernandez and Gonzalez were booked on charges of felony vandalism and conspiracy. He also had a warrant for misdemeanor domestic violence and vandalism.