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Woman arrested for burglary
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A 27-year-old transient woman was arrested Friday morning after an officer found her with items taken from a residence in the 1200 block of Munchkin Drive.

At 9:25 a.m. Officer Keith Kitcher responded to reports of a suspicious female knocking on doors in the 1200 block of Munchkin Drive. He spotted a 1987 Chevy Cavalier with its hood up and a woman near it. Since Sara Morales-Sanchez was on probation, he searched her and found a bag stuffed with items, including mail traced back to a house on the street. The suspect, who at first lied to the officer about her name, was also in possession of jewelry and wearing a shirt taken from the residence. Morales-Sanchez also had a stolen Visa card taken during a Modesto residential door kick-in robbery staged a month ago.

The officer investigated and found footprints up to the door and informed the sleeping residents that their house had been burglarized. Apparently the suspect entered the house, stole mail out of the kitchen and made her way to an upstairs bedroom where she took items.

She was booked on charges of residential burglary, possession of stolen property and violation of probation.