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Woman disrupts McDonald's
Ceres Cop Car

A convicted felon who was acting belligerent in public was arrested and booked Friday morning for possession of a stun gun and violating the terms of her probation.

Ceres Police Officer Vince Hooper was dispatched to the area of Hatch and Herndon roads at 6:24 a.m. for a report of a woman vandalizing vehicles and causing a disturbance. Hooper located the suspect, Shawna Hellburg, 36, of Turlock, near the McDonalds. She was highly agitated and holding a pink stun gun in her right hand. Hellburg was ordered to drop the stun gun and complied.

Hellburg was acting paranoid and admitted to using methamphetamine the night before.

An employee of McDonald's said that Hellburg started pouring a drink without paying for it. When the soda machine was turned off she became frantic, yelling and belligerent. Hellburg then went outside and started throwing trash can lids towards the windows of the business and hitting vehicles. Nothing was damaged, however.

Hellburg was on probation and had previously been arrested and convicted for at least a prior felony. She was booked for possession of a stun gun by a convicted felon and probation violation.