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Woman hits kid on bike but doesn't stop
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Police are hopeful that the public can provide information on the female driver of a white SUV which struck a child off his bicycle and continued driving.

Ryan Roton, 13, was bicycling eastbound on Whitmore Avenue on the north sidewalk due to a lack of bicycle lane improvements on the south side. He came to Boothe Road and started to cross Whitmore Avenue to the south side when a white small SUV came up to the intersection. The woman behind the wheel made a right turn onto westbound Whitmore Avenue and clipped the bicyclist. He fell to the ground and sustained abrasions to his leg and a swollen finger. The driver kept going.

Officer Jeremy Lewis is conducting the investigation and asking for information to his phone at 380-2727.

Sgt. Jose Berber said this was the second or third incident of pedestrian or bicyclists hit recently in the area around Cesar Chavez Junior High School so the motoring public is advised to be cautious.