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Woman passes out drunk behind the wheel in drive-thru
Ceres Cop Car

An officer had just returned to Ceres from booking a prisoner into the county jail on DUI charges Saturday morning when he decided to get a bite to eat in the drive-thru lane at McDonald's at 1421 Hatch Road. But in front of him in the 4:21 a.m. stop for food was a woman passed out drunk behind the wheel of her car.

Officer Keith Kitcher noticed that the car in front of his wasn't moving. When he got out and checked on the driver he found Osiris Vela, 22, of Modesto, sleeping behind the wheel and appearing to be intoxicated.

Vela was given a field sobriety test and blew into the Breathalyzer to register a 0.14 blood alcohol content.

She was arrested for DUI, and a warrant arrest for burglary.