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Woman strips down inside city mansion and refuses to leave
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A woman who was either on drugs or suffering from mental illness broke into the city owned Clinton Whitmore Mansion on Sunday afternoon as volunteers were cleaning it up.

The woman refused to leave when she showed up at 1:40 p.m. and stated that she lived there and wasn't going to leave. Police were called and found Jamielee Hudson, 27, of Turlock, had slipped into an upstairs bathroom where she stripped down to take a bath. Officers were unsuccessful in talking Hudson to get her out of the room as she made bizarre statements. They grabbed her and she slipped. The woman then grabbed a shower head to use it as a weapon against officers. They tackled her and handcuffed her. She told police that she was trying to purify herself with holy water before she was to be married to one of the officers she pointed at.

Hudson suffered from a cut lip and was taken to Doctors Medical Center for medical clearance before she was arrested. She was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest, as well as warrants for prior battery, resisting arrest and trespassing and vehicle tampering in Turlock.