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Art MacRae was on a hunt for onions and zucchini for stir fry Wednesday afternoon at Whitmore Park. He was among those who turned out for the second of the 2010 summer Farmers Market held each Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The market was officially kicked off May 5 with a health fair.

MacRae was sidetracked as he spotted the booth operated by Edith's Bakery. Ah, yes, the peasant bread. He had to get some.

"I hope this goes over," said Jennie Peterschick who set out to get strawberries but was happy to find fava beans offered by Sylvia Bustamonte of Kingsburg. "I grew up with them. My parents were Portuguese and cooked with them a lot. They're very popular now."

Moises Resendez of Resendez Fruit Barn of Hughson, sold locally grown fruit and vegetables last week. He was offering some of the first peaches seen by customers. He reported sales were "alright," hinting that attendance could be better. "It was better last week (opening day)."

A vendor sold house plants and another barbecued sandwiches.

The push for a regular Farmers Market was made in 2009 by the Ceres Partnership for Healthy Children and the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program. The agency heard concerns from parents that they couldn't find fresh fruits and vegetables and with childhood obesity being a concern in Ceres, decided to initiate the farm-to-market outlet. The market is accepting WIC and EBT coupons. EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer and is part of the food stamp program. Recipients who qualify are given a plastic debit card that allows them to buy fruits and vegetables from farmers market venues.

WIC coupons are also accepted. WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children and offers government financial aid to struggling mothers.

The market also accepts county senior vouchers. Seniors must be over the age of 52 and qualify under income guidelines.

Besides freshly cut vegetables and fruits, the market will be offering arts and crafts, nursery plants and food. Other items that may be sold include milk, cheese, lettuce and broccoli.