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Film company seeks Ceres home movies in 1930, '40s
Still photos or old home movies that depict life in and around Ceres in the 1930s or 1940s are being sought by a New York film production company producing a documentary involving a Ceres native.

Dog Green Productions needs the materials for a feature-length documentary about five men who were killed during the Normandy campaign of World War II. One of the men profiled is Walter Perra, a Ceres native. The film has been commissioned by the American Battle Monuments Commission, which oversees 24 cemeteries around the world where American GI's are buried.

"Any old film reels would be particularly useful to us," said Adam Schein, an associate producer. "Moving images provide the most vivid portrayal of the past for generations to come.

"Right now we are seeking any images depicting daily life in Ceres and the surrounding areas during the 1930s and 40s."

Associate producer Shelby Frantz said the Perra family provided some home movie footage of Walter. But the hope is to find "daily life" type of footage shot in Ceres.

"We are hoping to finish the film in the spring so we need to be touch in the next couple of weeks, by the end of the month probably," said Frantz.

A film crew was in Ceres over a year ago interviewing old-timers who either knew Perra or grew up in Ceres during that era.

Perra died at age 24 on June 15, 1944 when his plane was shot down over a small town called Les Corvees.

Perra, a St. Paul, Minnesota native was born in 1919 to Richard and Ida E. Perra. In 1931 they moved to Ceres when Walter was in the seventh grade. He and his brother Medrick Perra built model airplanes as youngsters, the first indication that Walter was interested in aviation. He took aeronautical courses locally and occasionally flew a biplane at Phillips Airfield. Before the war, Perra worked for Vultee Aircraft, but left to join the Army Air Corps. As a P-38 pilot, he flew numerous missions over enemy territory, disabling railroads and supply lines, and clearing the way for the advancing Allied forces.

Those interested in contacting Dog Green Productions to help out with photos or movies may call (646) 290-6931 or email

The project has a website at