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A Paris Way family was watching TV Saturday when armed gunmen broke in and staged a home invasion robbery.

Five assailants - all likely members of a gang - ransacked the house and demanded that the occupants turned over valuables and any drugs as guns were held on them. They then took the car belonging to the family.

Four of the five suspects were later apprehended at a San Jose motel when police there spotted the stolen vehicle.

Victor Rodriguez, 20, of San Jose was booked on charges, including committing a home invasion, false imprisonment and auto theft. Three 17-year-old San Jose males were arrested and booked into Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall.

The fifth suspect had not been arrested.

"We're hoping that the D.A. will push for adult charges," said Mike Borges, deputy chief of the Ceres Police Department. "That will likely carry stiffer penalties, but we're unsure if that's going to happen."

Members of the family - a father and his young children - heard a noise outside the house. At that moment an armed suspect came into the house and held them at gunpoint as he let four accomplices inside.

During the robbery the victim's wife came in the house and was detained by the robbers. At one point the family was ordered to get inside a bathroom. They were told not to come out nor to call the authorities.

Borges said it's not unusual for crimes like this to be committed by those with Bay area ties.

"There's certain sects of these gang bangers tied to this geographical area. It's not unusual to see Bay area gang members, especially with people relocating over here. For all the good people that come over here there's always a few who have relatives who are on the other side of the law."