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Hughson throws a party
Cloudy skies threatened to rain on Hughson's centennial celebration parade on Saturday but gave way to sunshine as townspeople celebrated its past 100 years.

Centenarian Blanche Sheridan served as the grand marshal of the Centennial parade, which included past Miss Hughsons, local farming families and their farm implements, and a stream of equestrian and antique vehicle entries.

"I've had so many compliments," said Jean Henley Hatfield, president of the Hughson Historical Society which put on the event with the city of Hughson. "So many people have said it was like a reunion for the whole town."

The parade down Hughson Avenue was just one of a day full of activities that celebrated the agricultural beginnings of the city. Local entertainment took to a covered stage, and a free bean feed was held at noon that attracted approximately 1,500. The leftovers were donated to a local charity.

"I think the rain dampered a bit on our bean feed but it was like God knew and it ended up as a gorgeous day," said Hatfield.

In the afternoon, a crowd of several hundred persons gathered at Hughson Avenue and Charles Street to see the unveiling of Betty Saletta's bronze statue of a 1930s peach picker. A number of persons expressed disappointment to Hatfield that they didn't know about buying engraved bricks at $150 apiece to help pay for the statue. There is talk of a second wall even though the statue is paid for.

Hatfield said her heart was warmed to see people taking pictures of the wall and the statue, as well as streaming through the town's museum.

"I've never seen so many people visit a museum.

"A lot of people have told me it's an event they would like to repeat but that's a long time. It was a grand time."

Hughson started out as a railroad station in the 1880s but its township was filed in 1907. It didn't become an incorporated city until 1971. The city is now home to approximately 6,127 residents.