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Hughson train suicide shakes many
The apparent Christmas day suicide death of a former Hughson High School student has stunned the community while friends have been left to face sad and nagging questions that will never be answered.

Antjuan Miguel Colvin, 21, of Waterford, ended his life when he parked his car onto to the Santa Fe Railroad tracks at Service Road southeast of Hughson and waited for an oncoming Tuesday evening, Dec. 25 train. The Amtrak San Joaquin train 703 train came from the south at 9:48 p.m. and struck Colvin's vehicle, killing him instantly.

Onboard the train, which was traveling from Bakersfield to Sacramento, were 98 passengers who were delayed for approximately two hours by the crash. The locomotive didn't sustain major damage but the train was legally required to stop during the investigation. The passengers were emotionally shaken by what happened and three needed treatment for minor injuries when the train lurched in the impact at 75 mph.

About 45 minutes before the fatal crash, Colvin had made a Facebook post announcing he was going to end his life. He wrote: "To all my friends and family on Facebook. Thank you all you have all made an impact on my life some of you good some of you not but you all are loved I hope you all have wonderful lives. I know its not my time to go but I cannot take living any longer. So as of tonight I will end my life. Again thank you for being apart (sic) of my life. Merry Christmas.......Goodbye."

His farewell message panicked family members and friends, many of which issued immediate replies and repeated unanswered phone calls to his cell phone. Lifelong friend Olivia Johnson, 22, of Waterford, responded by calling his phone numerous times and then Colvin's sister. A former coworker of Colvin's at Kmart said she will remember Colvin as "an awesome person" who often shared his smile and knew how to make others laugh.

Not long after he made his post he drove to the spot where he would die.

Prior to his final goodbye, Colvin shared a video of Puff Daddy's hit, "I'll Be Missing You," in honor of the rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

When on the day before he died Colvin wrote, "Tomorrow is Christmas ......................... :(." some of his Facebook friends asked what the sad face represented. He replied, "something im (sic) trying to deal with on my own right now."

Colvin showed signs of being happy but also of being troubled. A November Facebook post made by Colvin showed a picture with a quote that read: "I hide all of my problems behind my smile. Behind my smile is a world of pain. You think you know me, but you have no idea." He also added the word "true" by it.

His former girlfriend, Savanna Callahan, 24, said Colvin could mask his depression behind his smile. The two broke up after he told her that he wasn't "strong enough" to be in relationship with her.

The Hughson suicide death became an immediate international news story.

After he left working for Kmart, Colvin found work at Dick's Sporting Goods in Modesto a few months ago.

Colvin attended Hughson High School before he graduated in 2009 from Kerman High School in Fresno County.