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17 seniors displaced by water damage in fire scare
• At Ceres Christian Terrace
Burning couch
A couch caught fire at Ceres Christian Terrace, causing smoke and sprinkler water damage.

A small fire broke out Friday evening in a unit of Ceres Christian Terrace, a senior residential facility on Richard Way, causing occupants of 17 units to become displaced because of heavy water damage.

The 10:31 p.m. fire involved a couch on a third-floor unit which set off the automatic indoor sprinkler system. Smoke filled the facility, prompting an evacuation of residents to the main lobby with the assistance of Ceres Police officers.

No injuries were reported but one resident was transported to the hospital for minor medical issues. 

Firefighters assisted with fire attack, lobby control, sprinkler system control, ventilation, and evacuations.

Water puddled on the third floor rapidly and seeped its way to the first floor, causing damage to the building and electrical system.

The staff secured power to the affected units and worked with restoration companies to fix the damage. Firefighters remained on scene to assist tenants to retrieve necessary personal items, assist with securing and isolating the power, and assist Red Cross officials who responded to care for the displaced occupants of the 17 rooms. 

Earlier on Friday three Ceres fire units responded to an oleander fire along Highway 99 north of Mitchell Road caused by homeless people cooking food. Response to the 8:20 a.m. fire was complicated because the homeless campers were uncooperative as well as a large pet pit bull. The California Highway Patrol was called into assist with the situation as the fire was quickly extinguished.

Terrace halls soaked
The halls of Ceres Christian Terrace were flooded with water from automatic sprinklers that turned on in response to a third-story fire.