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AssemblymanAlanis wants schools teaching basic financial skills
Juan Alanis
Juan Alanis - photo by Photo Contributed

State Assemblyman Juan Alanis wants to see California students learn important life skills dealing with finances and he believes his AB 1871, which just received unanimous support on the floor, will do the trick.

“This bill is a common-sense measure that would ensure students learn important financial skills like filing taxes, taking out loans, budgeting, and more,” said the Modesto Republican. “Learning about personal finance can change someone’s life, and unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to learn. It should be an educational priority for all California students.” 

If it becomes law, AB 1871 will require schools to teach personal finance as part of students’ social studies coursework before they graduate high school.

The bill, which is part of Alanis’ education package introduced this year, is awaiting referral to a policy committee in the State Senate. This is his fourth bill to pass through the Assembly this year.