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Candidate chides candidates for sign placement
• Gene Yeakley brings unauthorized signs to council attention
Gene Yeakley, a candidate for Ceres City Council, speaks to Police Chief Brent Smith before Monday’s City Council meeting. He said he uprooted the signs on display here because they were placed without property owners’ permission. - photo by Jeff Benziger

Gene Yeakley, a candidate for the Ceres City Council District #2 seat, went before the City Council on Monday and chastised the city for not enforcing signs – especially political signs.

Yeakley brought to the Council Chambers at the Ceres Community Center five signs that he plucked off of locations which he said they didn’t have permission to place. He said he had been before the council several times in the past five years to complain about illegal signs. Yeakley said candidates must be held responsible for signs and must receive landowners’ permission. He said he pulled up the signs for John Mayne, Jeff Denham, Democrats and Tom Hallinan from the Maciel family property and Westward Ho Mobile Home Park on Mitchell.

“She did not give these people permission,” said Yeakley. “These signs are all over the county, they’re in Ceres, they’re on telephone poles.  They’re all over the place. Oh, and let’s not forget all the garbage that sits all over the place, abandoned cars and various other things that you can view here. I just can’t believe that people living in this city don’t see this going on. Am I the only resident that’s concerned about this?”

He said “nothing will change, it was get worse” without more code enforcement.

The council did include in the 2018-19 fiscal year budget more code enforcement staff, which will come onboard Jan. 1.

Before Yeakley spoke, the council heard from Shirley Rogers who complained about visiting Pastas Pronto on Fourth Street with friends and seeing blight in front of Delhart’s Home Furnishings.

“I was met with a whole street full of mattresses and roll-aways,” said Rogers. “Why? Why is he getting away with that. He has beautiful display windows. If he wants to display, display in the windows. Why are you not citing him? Can anybody answer? Nobody’s gonna answer.”

Neither city staff nor the council answered the complaints at the meeting.