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Candidate Q&A with Channce Condit
Candidate for District 5 Supervisor's seat answesr questions from the Courier
Condit Channce
Channce Condit is a candidate for the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors. - photo by Jeff Benziger

Age: 30

How many years in Ceres: 20.

Education: B.A. History - Cum Laude, California State University, Stanislaus. 

Career / employment history: Opportunity Stanislaus - Economic Development Specialist 

Wife: (Left blank).

Children: (Left blank).

Clubs or other affiliations: Ceres Hoopsters volunteer basketball coach, member of the Ceres Lions Club, Ceres Historical Society, Sons of American Legion Hughson Squadron 872, and Ceres Garden Club. Board member of the John Azevedo Research Center and McHenry Museum Historical Society.

Key political endorsements: Former Stanislaus County Supervisor Paul Caruso, Ceres Police Officers Association, Ceres Professional Firefighters Local 3636, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Supervisor Association, former Ceres mayors Louie Arrollo, Eric Ingwerson, Barbara Hinton and Jim Delhart; Ceres Unified School Board members Mike Welsh, Faye Lane and Hugo Molina; former Ceres Council members Ken Lane and Andy Constantinou; former Patterson mayors Becky Campo, Frank Bettencourt and David Keller; Newman Crows Landing School Board Member RoseLee Hurst; state Assemblyman Heath Flora; and Patterson Councilmember Cyndie Homen.

1). What life or job experiences make you more qualified to serve on the Board of Supervisor than your two opponents?

I believe I offer a unique set of skills and experiences to be an effective and strong voice for the residents of District 5 on the Board of Supervisors. 

Additionally, as a former caseworker for Assemblyman Gray I helped more than 500 constituents with a wide range of hardships and issues they faced. 

I also worked for a small cleaning business and currently am employed by Opportunity Stanislaus as their Economic Development specialist. 

During my time on the City Council, I have been a proponent for strike teams for our fire department and have consistently advocated for direct earmarking of revenue to public safety to avoid the funds going to city management pay raises. 

In addition, I proposed that our part-time City Council should not receive health insurance payed for by the taxpayers. We currently have a $1.5 million debt for the Community Center and I believe it’s irresponsible for the City Council to receive this very generous perk.

I have consistently been a voice for the residents and taxpayers of Ceres, not the bureaucracy that always comes with government. I will be the same kind of supervisor for District 5.

2). Why did you decide to run for this office?

I had endorsed (former) Senator Cannella for the Board of Supervisors and was very happy serving on Ceres City Council. After the senator decided not to run, I saw no one emerge to run that would be a strong voice for the district. 

3). What will be your specific priorities as a county supervisor?

To improve the quality of life for the residents of District 5. This would include; public safety, infrastructure, economic development and fighting for our water rights against the state water board. 

District 5 has historically been under-served compared to the rest of the county. As supervisor I will work to ensure District 5 doesn’t get left behind. 

4). Is there something Stanislaus County government is not presently doing that you would like to see done if you are elected?

I believe cities should be treated with more fairness regarding tax equity. Most cities know better than the county regarding services they provide residents. We must get moving on the Crowslanding Air Base. The economic potential is enormous for the entire county. I will work to ensure county tax revenue from cannabis is earmarked for homeless prevention and mental health programs. We shouldn’t have to rely on the state to fix this serious problem.

5). Supervisors are paid approximately $83,000 per year while chairmen make $94,134. How much time and effort do you plan to give this job if elected? In other words, will you leave your present employment to devote full-time effort to being a county supervisor?

I will be a full-time supervisor, if elected I will resign my position as Economic Development Specialist for Opportunity Stanislaus. 

6). How accessible will you be to attend meetings of city councils, commissions and MACs within your district?

I will have weekly office hours for constituents throughout District 5 and will attend meetings and hearings to stay informed about the issues facing Stanislaus County.

7). How important is it to you that you serve out a full term of four years should you have desires to run for higher office?

I will serve a full-term if elected to the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

8). There have been calls from fringe groups to make Stanislaus County a so-called Sanctuary County. What is your position on the topic?

I would oppose.

9). How much do you expect to spend on your campaign?

My campaign strategy is to walk the entire district and talk to as many voters as I can. I plan on raising enough money to win.

10). We invite you to make a statement, if you wish, regarding any issue or topic that we not have asked you about above.

Regarding the water treatment project for Ceres, I voted against this project because we don’t have the water rights and yet we went ahead and raised the rates nearly 200 percent. 

Early last year I proposed a residence question to be added to the job application for new city employees. It would have simply asked new city employees “if hired would you consider relocating to Ceres.” It was ruled legal to ask by our city attorney but voted down by the rest of the City Council. I hope the council will readdress this issue in the future.