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Candidate Q&A with Mike Kline
• Candidate for District 5 Supervisor's seat answers questions from the Courier
Candidate Mike Kline
Mike Kline is a candidate for the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

Age: 61

How many years in Ceres: Over 47 years. I was born in Ceres.

Education: Ceres High School diploma.

Career / employment history: Cost Less Foods – Warehouse Manager 5-2019; currently working for Tony’s Fine Foods/UNFI. I’ve been in outside sales in the grocery industry from 2002 to May 2019.

Wife: Tammi.

Children: Diane, Brian, Amy; and four grandchildren.

Clubs or other affiliations: Ceres Lions Club past president 2018-19.

Key political endorsements: None.

1). What life or job experiences make you more qualified to serve on the Board of Supervisor than your two opponents?

Experience, current City Council member learning how local government operates, working through seven budget years, labor negotiations, working with other council members on getting public safety levels back to acceptable levels. Member of StanCOG Policy Board working with the current county supervisors.

2). Why did you decide to run for this office?

Open seat, no incumbent and current council seat up for election in November.

3). What will be your specific priorities as a county supervisor?

Work on completion of the Crowslanding Naval Base for economic development.

4). Is there something Stanislaus County government is not presently doing that you would like to see done if you are elected?

Yes, working daily with the homeless who want to help themselves get off the streets and into permanent housing and employment.

5). Supervisors are paid approximately $83,000 per year while chairmen make $94,134. How much time and effort do you plan to give this job if elected? In other words, will you leave your present employment to devote full-time effort to being a county supervisor?

I have already had discussions with my current employer and they support me and my efforts. I would make Stanislaus County supervisor for District 5 my full-time job. 

6). How accessible will you be to attend meetings of city councils, commissions and MACs within your district?

Very accessible. Supervisor DeMartini set the standard and it should be the standard going forward.

7). How important is it to you that you serve out a full term of four years should you have desires to run for a higher office?

Very important to serve the ones who elected and supported me and prove I was worthy of their support.

8). There have been calls from fringe groups to make Stanislaus County a so-called Sanctuary County. What is your position on the topic?

No, if you’re not breaking the law there should be no concerns.

9). How much do you expect to spend on your campaign?

$30,000 to $ 40,000.

10). We invite you to make a statement, if you wish, regarding any issue or topic that we not have asked you about above.

I was appointed to the Ceres Planning Commission in 2008, serving four years learning zoning and land use. I was elected to the Ceres City Council in 2011, completing my second full term in November 2020.

During my eight-plus years on the council I have been a part of balancing the budget, bringing the police and fire departments back to respectable staffing levels; and returning the city back to a more traditional management level with a city manager, police and fire chief and away from the combined city manager / Director of Public Safety model.

I helped update the Ceres General Plan which hadn’t been done since 1998, changing some zoning to open up to more economic development without increasing the city’s sphere of influence.

We are in the process of updating the city ordinances.

The City Council approved, and is a part of, a JPA with city of Turlock and TID for a surface water treatment plant for the cities’ future water needs with the groundwater tables shrinking and more restrictions from the state on drinking water standards.

With the voters of California approving recreational use of marijuana the City Council set standards on how many cannabis dispensers will be allowed within the city limits, along with where they will be able to operate, and development agreements for revenue.

My 2020 committee assignments are: City / Schools Committee 2+2 Committee; Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance; StanCOG Policy Board; Volunteer Firefighter Length of Service Qualification Review Committee; West Turlock Sub-basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency; and the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance.