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Cerean to make a deal
Ex-DJ from Ceres to appear in Feb. 10 TV game show
Dressed up like nerds to be on Lets Make a Deal TV show, Ceres residents Jeffrey Brown and daughter Emili Brown pose with her boyfriend Jackson Munde during taping last year. The segment is scheduled to be aired at 9 a.m. on KOVR-13 on Tuesday, Feb. 10. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Acting the part of a nerd - especially an excited one - never benefitted Jeffrey Brown of Ceres as much as it did during the Sept. 6 taping of "Let's Make A Deal" TV show. But the world will have to wait until Feb. 10 when the episode airs, to see exactly what happened on the Hollywood show set.

Brown, 54, drove to the Hollywood studio to be in the audience after he and daughter Emili Brown, 21, of Ceres, and her Southern California boyfriend Jackson Munde, were guaranteed seats if they dressed in zany costume. The Browns dressed up like nerds while Brown dressed the part of a tourist.

"It was just too much fun," said Brown.

Every person who gains access to the show as an audience member can be a contestant, said Brown. Two hours before the show's taping starts, the audience goes through a pre-screening after being instructed on acting "all hyped up," said Brown.

"You basically, as I say, flip the switch and act all excited. Then you go into this holding area ... and they're constantly watching you to see who will be the most excited, the best person."

After two hours of waiting, the audience goes into the studio where a DJ plays upbeat music to keep everybody excited for the taping.

Brown said as the show starts, the producers are watching for who dances around and acts the craziest to be picked. Somehow - possibly through an earpiece - the producers pick the contestants and relay the information to Brady who then spots the person by name tag.

"When he picked me it was about three-quarters of the way through the show and I was probably the farthest away from the stage as any other contestant and he walked right up to me and pointed to me and said, ‘Jeffrey I want you!" I don't even remember standing up and running down there because I was so excited I got picked."

This was not Brown's first exposure to public performing. The Ceres resident since 1992 was in radio for 15 years, specifically as disk jockey Beaver Brown on KDJK radio from 1985 to 1995. Before that he worked at KYOS in Merced. These days he is known as the PA announcer at Central Valley High School varsity and JV football and basketball games.

"Let's Make a Deal" debuted in 1963 on NBC and ran on ABC-TV with host Monty Hall until 1976. The All-New Let's Make a Deal ran from 1984 to 1986. The current show debuted in 2009 with host Wayne Brady. Let's Make a Deal is also known for the various unusual and crazy costumes worn by audience members, who dressed up that way in order to increase their chances of being selected as a trader.

Brown remembers watching Hall in the 1970s and was able to win a ball cap when he was the only person out of 250 people to name the original TV show host in a trivia question.

The show airs at 9 a.m. on KOVR-13 on Tuesday, Feb. 10.