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Cereans to be featured by Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum and Cerean
Actor Jeff Goldblum interviewed Greg Mathews of Ceres last summer at the Stanislaus County Fair during a Destruction Derby event involving motorhomes. The segment is scheduled to air this Friday.

A Ceres family who participate in last summer’s Stanislaus County Fair’s Motor-Home Class of the Destruction Derby are expected to be included in the National Geographic show, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum,” which is scheduled to be shown Friday, Dec. 27.

After extensive research the Disney+ network, which owns National Geographic, chose the Stanislaus County Fair’s Destruction Derby Motorhome event to be featured in the upcoming episode “RVs.” The reality series originally developed at National Geographic and now premiering as part of the initial rollout of the Disney+ streaming service, will release the “RVs” episode on Dec. 27.

 “We were thrilled to host Jeff Goldblum and the National Geographic production team at our Fairgrounds for the 2019 Fair,” said Adrenna Alkhas, spokesperson for the Stanislaus County Fair which was also featured on the Food Network Chanel Carnival Eats in 2014. “It is always an honor to show the pride of our fair, our history, and our community on a national level.”

The production team was at the Fair for a full day shooting the Destruction Derby Motorhome heat on Tuesday, July 16.  The Turlock Lions Club, who is the promoter of the Derby events at the fair, provided specific motorhomes for Goldblum to ride in and interviewed Greg Mathews, whose family has entered the Derby for generations.

According to Disney+ website, the series follows Goldblum, in which he explores the world by covering topics such as video games, ice creams and sneakers by chatting with influencers and experts with broad knowledge and experience in these particular subjects. The “RVs” episode rolls into the RV capital of the world to investigate the unique mode of transport and the lifestyle that goes with it. According to Disney+ website, Goldblum witnesses the RV Derby summer show; tours an RV manufacturing factory; and rides with a family who has chosen to live permanently on the road.

“I’m very curious, but I think curiosity is our birthright,” said Goldblum said in an interview with USA Today. “I have a four-year-old boy and a two-year-old boy, and I don’t think it’s just my genes. I think kids and all sapiens must be curious; we need it to survive.”

Greg Mathews with daughters Karlie and Kinsey, and brother Bryce won a combined $4,125 while competing in the Motor-Home Class of the Destruction Derby last summer.

“It was really fun having all the family members there participating and involved,” said Greg, a 59-year-old resident of Ceres. “We did some filming for his upcoming series. We’re not allowed to give any details. It will all come out in the episode when it airs.”

“I was putting a hood chain on when he (Goldblum) came into the pit,” remembers Karlie, 34, who lives in Beaumont. “Once I saw him, he looked familiar. I’ve seen Jurassic Park and Independence Day. He’s a very nice guy. He was interested in what we had to say. He always had a movie quote to reference.”

Karlie, Kinsey, Greg and Bryce placed first, third, fourth and fifth, respectively, during Destruction Derby Apocalypse on July 16.

Karlie was only planning to be a spectacular but ended up driving and won $1,500.

“I started driving 13 years ago and this is my first time winning,” she said. “My dad built such a good motor home.”

“It had no power steering,” Greg said. “She muscled the RV around and made some really good hits.”

Karlie also enjoyed teaming up with and competing against Kinsey, 27, of Ceres.

“We’ve been watching my dad since we were very little,” said Karlie. “We’ve never driven in a derby together. It was fun.”

Kinsey, Greg and Bryce respectively took home $500, $250 and $125.

Bryce, 54, made the drive from Gridley to participate in the Destruction Derby.