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Ceres woman recounts visit to Heaven in new book
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Sharon Casey holds her new book, Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light, (ISBN 978 1 78535 169 3), published by Circle Books. She will be attending a book signing at Unity Church of Modesto, 2467 Veneman Avenue, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Sharon Casey of Ceres believes what she experienced over 20 years ago was far more than a dream. She believes she was allowed a glimpse of Heaven and writes about it and how it changed her life in a new 129-page book, "Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light," (ISBN 978 1 78535 169 3), published by Circle Books.

She doesn't report her experience in the celestial kingdom as a "near death experience" (NDE) - as thousands have experienced - but believes it was a "revelation."

"What it taught me is that we're not just bodies roaming around," said Casey. "We are spirits and we are much closer to God than we think we are."

The experience seemed very real but she questioned whether it was an elaborate dream and prayed for an answer. She resolved that the answer would eventually come and the thought came that the answer would come through the radio. Casey put the question out of her mind and went about her day. Driving home later the next day along I-580, she was flipping through radio stations when she came to Christian station KYCC and heard talk show host Scott Osborne say, "Remember that dream you had the other night? Stay tuned I have the answer you are waiting for."

Osborne came back from a commercial break and said "Remember that dream you had the other night ... and you wondered if it was real or a dream? Well I am here to tell you it was real... you were there; you were in Heaven with God. And God wants you to know you are still there."

Sharon felt like it was a direct confirmation from God that her experience was real. Days later she called Osborne to ask him why he said that but he had no answer. Sharon then told Osborne of her experience and some of the details, reporting that "Heaven is a place of bright light, yet it does not hurt our eyes because we see through the eyes of our spirit." She spoke of humans as beautiful cloud-like beings of golden light, with discernable human form. She said Jesus was the first one she saw and that there was a celebration going on.

"I said there was not one thing in Heaven that is earth-like or of this world. I told him that God was there and that we looked like Him. He was huge and full of lights that flashed and spun around and that some of them were different colors and He had beams of light that flashed from the top of His body, from His head."

According to Casey, the two were rejoicing on the phone over confirmation of what the Bible says about Heaven.

The book is a fascinating read as she relates about what Heaven is like according to her experience. She writes: "When we are home (Heaven), our movement is effortless and fast, there are no constraints of time, gravity or physical bodies... nothing is impossible. There can be a one-on-one communication with everyone at the same time. It is like being in a thousand places at once. That would be impossible for this temporary world and these temporary bodies, but not in our home where we are our true selves. This communication is without words or sound."

Casey acknowledges that many remain skeptical about her experience and may see her as a kook. But her reply is, "It doesn't matter whether they believe me or not. I am not here to convince anyone. The experience speaks for itself; the receiver is free to do with it what they will. It is real to me. Not only did it happen but it is happening now. We are all spiritual beings."

Casey's book visits how mysterious encounters and experiences led her away from a life broken by abusive relationships, and IV and methamphetamine drug abuse. She hopes the book has some appeal to those struggling with addictions.

"I went from being pretty bad off to immediate healing. All of that darkness was lifted off of me. The addiction was taken away right then and there and never looked back. I would hope that somebody who was struggling with life maybe that would help them."

Her book - it's her first attempt at writing - is laced with Scripture that would pop into her mind as she wrote, as well as poetry.

"I definitely felt like I worked with the Holy Spirit," said Casey, who for 20 years has been an Information Technology professional.

Those who have read the manuscript have told Casey they have found love and forgiveness out of it.

Sharon was born in Ceres in 1957 and raised Catholic. She now attends the Unity Church of Modesto, which will be hosting a book signing from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1 at 2467 Veneman Avenue. A limited number of books will be available for sale so she recommends buying her book on or Kindle edition downloads are $9.99, Nook books are $8.49 and paperbacks are $14.95. Books will be available on local shelves after Oct. 30.

More information about Sharon and her book are available at or on her Facebook page as Clouds of Heaven Beings of Light.