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City asks residents to report illegal fireworks
illegal fireworks

With the Fourth of July coming this Monday, the city of Ceres is asking residents to report those residents setting off illegal fireworks.

Extra patrol officers will be out specifically looking for people using illegal fireworks, which are inherently dangerous and credited with injuries and starting a high number of home and grass fires. Any firework that does not display the California “safe and sane” identification or anything that launches into the sky or explodes is an illegal firework. 

Last year during the Fourth of July holiday season Ceres Police issued 34 citations for illegal fireworks which comes with a $2,500 fine. The fine was increased from $1,000 to $2,500 in 2021 in response to citizens urging tougher actions against those setting off loud explosions and aerial fireworks. In 2020 Ceres Police cited 38 individuals for using illegal fireworks and 53 in 2019.

Besides setting fires, the sound of explosive devices upsets many veterans with PTSD, older folks and pets.

Ceres Police Captain Pat Crane said a special hotline (209 538-LOUD or 538-5683) is designed to redirect calls reporting illegal fireworks away from the main 911 emergency line. The special line will be staffed by police Records Division personnel beginning July 1. Reports of illegal fireworks may also be emailed to as of July 1.

Reports of illegal fireworks may also be reported on the Nail ‘em smart phone app.Nail’em is a free app available through the App Store or Google Play.

Crane said extra personnel will be staffed over the weekend in both police and fire seeking zero tolerance enforcement of illegal fireworks.

The city also is making available yard signs warning residents of the use of illegal fireworks. Those signs may be picked up at the Ceres Community Center lobby or the Ceres Fire Station.