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City OKs contract to install kayak ramp
River Bluff plan
The master plan for Ceres River Bluff Regional Park.

A kayak ramp will be installed on the Tuolumne River at the lower terrace of the Ceres River Bluff Regional Park.

The work will include grading the site and installing steel foundations.

This work was scheduled as part of the original improvements at the park but was temporarily delayed because the bids were too high.

The kayak ramp has been built and delivered and is awaiting the installation into the river. Only two proposals were received. Last week the council awarded the bid to Sierra Mountain Construction, Inc., for a cost of $337,900. A 10 percent contingency of $33,790 brings the project total to $371,690.

In 2018 the council approved the $124,848 purchase of the 140-foot precast concrete walkway to be used as a kayak ramp. The item came from PermaTrak in North Carolina. The ramp is composed of 14 precast concrete beams no longer than 20 feet and weighing no more than 3,100 pounds each, 70 precast concrete rectangular treads that at 10 feet wide and weigh about 4,000 pounds each, and two precast concrete abutments that are 10 feet wide and about 4,000 pounds apiece.

The entire project is being funded by the Eastgate Storm Drain fund.