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City reminds residents of what goes into different colored carts
Ceres garbage cans
This graphic is handy in showing what Ceres waste goes into each can based on color.

City of Ceres residents saw new changes to garbage collection services beginning Jan. 1. In an ongoing effort to assist customers with understanding the changes, the following information is provided to remind residents of the proper method for utilizing waste disposal and collection services.

Black garbage cart

The black waste cart will be collected on a weekly basis as it is currently. Service will continue to be collected on the same day of the week as it was previously. The garbage collection schedule has not changed. The black cart is for regular household garbage. Some customers previously utilized the green cart for garbage collection, but should now use the black cart in its place.

Green cart

The new green organics cart will be collected weekly at the same time as the black waste wart. The green cart is primarily for organic material such as yard waste including grass clippings, leaves, small branches and trimmings. Food scraps and food soiled paper products such as paper towels, food wrappers made of paper and paper plates are acceptable as well. Plastic garbage bags should not be used for collection, however, paper grocery bags or bags labeled as compostable are acceptable. Please note that this does not include products that are identified as biodegradable or compactor bags.

Blue cart

The blue recycling cart will remain on an every-other-week basis as service is currently. Customers can check the recycling schedule to verify collection week on the City’s website here: The materials that should be collected in the blue cart have not changed. Recyclables such as plastic, aluminum, and glass containers as well as paper products that have not been contaminated with food residue should be disposed of in the blue cart. These items should not be placed in a plastic bag for disposal, but rather should fall freely into the cart.

Customers may learn more about solid waste collection service by visiting the City’s website at, on the Public Works Department’s Facebook or Instagram pages @City of Ceres Public Works or by calling (209) 538-5732 during regular business hours.

(The city of Ceres and the Ceres Courier have partnered to provide readers with current events and important information from the City of Ceres Public Works Department in this regular feature, City Connection.)