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Condit for mayor in 2019?
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A Gary Condit for Mayor bench ad appeared recently in front of the Ceres Post Office on Mitchell Road.

A number of people have taken double-takes at the bus bench in front of the Ceres Post Office advertising Gary Condit for mayor in 2019. The subject of the sign is not former Congressman Gary A. Condit but his grandson, Gary M. Condit, who is still in sixth grade but interested in

The sign was ordered by Modesto based political consultant Don Langman as a way of encouraging the third-generation Condit to run for local office much in the same way that his grandfather did. Gary M. Condit is a son of Chad and Helen Condit, Chad being the son of the former congressman.

Last year young Gary watched his father run for the 10th Congressional District race which helped fueled his own political interest.

It is possible the young Condit could run in the 2019 municipal race since he would be 18 but his grandfather waited until he was 24 when he ran for mayor of Ceres in 1973.

At a recent council meeting, grandfather Adrian Condit hinted that his grandson might run for a seat once he is of age.