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Council meets via Zoom until July
ceres council on zoom
Members of the Ceres City Council physically met for the Monday, June 8 City Council meeting but the public was barred from attending in-person and could only access it on YouTube and Zoom. The plan is to allow the public back in July.

When will Ceres City Council meetings return to open meetings where the public can physically be present?

Probably not until July 13, said City Manager Tom Westbrook.

At Monday’s meeting members of the council met in-person distanced from one another but the public was not allowed to attend. That meeting was offered online via Zoom.

“My goal is to have the Council Chambers opened to the public during our meetings (starting) in July,” said Westbrook.

Technology failed for the special budget workshop set for 6 p.m. when not all councilmembers could join the video conference. Mayor Chris Vierra announced that the budget meeting would be held on June 8.

Other cities have begun allowing the public to attend meetings. Manteca City Council is now meeting in the same room with the public present for the first time since social distancing went into effect in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To pull off social distancing requirements, the city of Manteca removed some seating in its council chambers to limit the size of the audience. In addition, those entering will be required to have their temperatures taken at the door. Those that do not wish to have their temperatures taken and/or to wear face masks will be allowed to watch the proceedings from a TV monitor being placed outside the chambers. A microphone will also be outside that attendees can use during citizen comments or if they are asked if they want to make remarks or wish to speak to a specific council agenda item.