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Council rejects brutality claim of arrested woman
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The Ceres City Council recently rejected a claim for damages filed by a woman who alleges police brutality inflicted against her.

According to Livermore attorney Sanjay Schmidt, Yesenia Jimenez was unlawfully detained and arrested on Aug. 11, 2012 and suffered a broken arm because of the actions of officers Frederico Ortiz, Brian Albonetti and Sgt. Pat Crane. Jimenez is seeking damages in a limited civil case.

The city's AIMS adjuster, Robert Smoke, looked into the claim and felt the officers acted appropriately and in the "official manner that would be expected of a professional police officer." Smoke also recommended that council reject the claim.

The rejection of the claim puts Jimenez on a six-month time frame with which to file suit.

Schmidt said that the officers "tortuously injured" his client and that she shattered her humerus bone which will require future surgery. He said she was denied immediate medical attention after her arrest and taken immediately to jail instead.

The claim cites medical expenses, loss of liberty, wages, earning capacity, enjoyment of life and household services as well as emotional distress.

Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges could not comment specifically on the allegations. He did disclose that Jimenez was arrested when Ceres police assisted the Sheriff's Department on reports of a large party in the 3400 block of Megee Road attended by over 90 people which got out of control. Jimenez was arrested for being intoxicated in public and resisting arrest. Borges said the woman was put against the car so that she could be handcuffed and arrested.

The city is insured through the Central San Joaquin Valley Risk Management Authority.