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Councilwoman claims she’s being excluded
• Vierra wants city policy to notify all members of events
Rosalinda Vierra at Ceres Community Center
Rosalinda Vierra outside the Ceres Community Center where City Council meetings are held on the the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. - photo by Jeff Benziger

Councilwoman Rosalinda Vierra claims she is being purposely excluded from events which she would like to attend to represent the city of Ceres.

At Monday’s meeting of the Ceres City Council, Vierra asked the council to place on a future agenda a discussion item about a new policy of “promoting inclusivity and transparency among council members.” She claims she has been excluded from various city events and ceremonies by the mayor.

“I have been excluded from important events and ceremonies by the mayor, and I have felt pressure to resign or step away from my position,” said Vierra, who is running against Mayor Javier Lopez in the November elections. “However, I am committed to fighting for a more inclusive and transparent government.”

She told the Courier that her frustrations “came to a head” regarding the 50th anniversary San Jose Earthquakes soccer game at Stanford Stadium where Mayor Lopez and Councilman Daniel Martinez presented a certificate from the city of Ceres as player Cade Cowell is from Ceres.

Vierra was in attendance at the game but not told that the two were going to make the presentation and didn’t include her.

“I literally watched it on the big screen where they stated the mayor and Councilmember Martinez were the two there representing the city of Ceres,” said Vierra. “I was able to go (to the game) but they didn’t tell me they were presenting the certificate on behalf of the city out on the field pre-game. Why was I not notified? And why was I not given the same opportunity as Daniel was?”

She claims the exclusions are a “pattern over the last year or so.”

Vierra said she had to ask the mayor the details about the 6th annual Rogers Run held this past weekend at the Faith Home Teen Ranch outside of Ceres. City Clerk Fallon Martin told Vierra about the event but said she had to get details from the mayor.

Vierra called on the city attorney to develop a new policy and ensure that all council members are treated equally and with respect and battle what she calls “gender discrimination.”

Ideally she wants a policy that would require the mayor to consult with or provide a neutral person, such as the city clerk who would be responsible to relay information to all councilmembers about events for equal representation at city events and ceremonies, and provide regular updates to the public on council activities. 

“I believe that as council members, we should be working together to serve the best interests of our community, not perpetuating a culture of exclusivity and secrecy,” charged Vierra. 

“Women have historically been marginalized and oppressed, and it’s time for us to take a stand against this type of discrimination,” said Vierra. “As a city, we must recognize the importance of equality and fairness in all aspects of our government. Party politics have no place in our city’s decision-making process.”