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CUSD honors 20 students for overcoming life's obstacles
• Annual 'Every Student Succeeding' breakfast held at Ceres Community Center
Leilani “Leila” Gonzales
Adkison Elementary School sixth-grader Leilani “Leila” Gonzales was all smiles when she was honored during Friday morning’s “Every Student Succeeding” breakfast at the Community Center. Shaking her hand here was Christian Santos, a field representative for newly elected Congressman John Duarte. Ceres Unified School District honored 20 students for overcoming obstacles. - photo by Jeff Benziger

School can be a struggle for many children. When they overcome, educators take notice.

Obstacles facing students can be as varied as life itself but for 20 Ceres students who were honored at Friday’s “Every Student Succeeding” breakfast event, those challenges have included the death of a parent, living in the foster system or food insecure household, a near-fatal wreck, illness, birth defect, vision impairment, behavioral issue, learning disability, an incarcerated parent, and getting acquainted with a new country, culture and language.

Students and their families – as well as teachers and team supporters – were treated to breakfast at the Ceres Community Center which was decorated with balloons and large photos of all honorees set up on easels around the room. Each students’ life story was told in an audio-visual presentation as each honoree came forward to be greeted by Ceres Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Amy Peterman, members of the School Board and Ceres City Council and representatives of elected officials.

The students honored were:

•David Casique, a Don Pedro Elementary School sixth-grader;

• Leilani “Leila” Gonzales, an Adkison sixth-grader;

• Ayah Alshouli, Caswell fifth-grader;

• Xavier Barba, a Sam Vaughn sixth-grader;

• Emmanuel Ramos Chavez, a Joel Hidahl sixth-grader;

• Brielle Beckhart, a Whitmore Charter School fifth-grader;

• Miguel Leon Guerrero, a Walter White Elementary fifth-grader;

• Ernesto Delgado Gonsales, a Westport Elementary sixth-grader;

• Maximiliano Gonzalez, a Lucas Dual Langage Academy sixth-grader;

• Jayden Llimet, a Carroll Fowler fifth-grader;

• Selena Olvera, a Beaver Elementary seventh-grader;

• Princess Janae Anderson, a Virginia Parks sixth-grader;

• Logan Klino, a Sinclear Elementary third-grader;

• Princess Jamie Anderson, a Mae Hensley Junior High seventh-grader;

• Lilly Rodriquez, a Cesar Chavez Junior High seventh-grader;

• Ramona Rosas, an Argus High senior;

• Alexander (AJ) Ibarra, a Ceres High School senior;

• Emanuel Villasenor, a La Rosa Elementary sixth-grader;

• Christian Mendonca, a Blaker-Kinser Junior High eighth-grader, and

• Timothy White, a Central Valley High School senior.

Every Student 2023 1

Leilani “Leila” Gonzales

Leilani “Leila” Gonzales is an exceptional young lady who inspires everyone she meets. A 6th grader at Adkison Elementary School, Leila does not allow her vision impairment or wheelchair to stop her from enjoying each day in school, according to her classroom teacher Mr. Tornquist. Leila has become adept at using her auditory skills and assistive technology tools to help her reach success on a daily basis. Leila loves to learn, and she especially shines during Math. She loves to sing, dance, and tell stories. She enjoys participating in Adkison’s music program as well as serving as a Student Council representative for her class. Leila models patience and perseverance in everything she does. While she has become adept at using her Braille devices very well, there may be times when a program is not accessible initially, and Leila simply waits patiently with little to no frustration for a member of her support team to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Earlier this year, Leila attended Outdoor Education at Foothill Horizons with her classmates and had the best experience because she didn’t allow her physical limitations to be a barrier. Leila has inspired countless individuals at Adkison, including authors who have visited the school and as a result of meeting Leila, have subsequently transcribed their books into braille to accommodate other visually impaired children.

Jayden Llimet

Jayden Llimet, a fifth-grader at Carroll Fowler Elementary School, has overcome many challenges he has faced thus far in life. When he first began attending Fowler as a first-grader, he faced many obstacles, and struggled with attendance, making friends, and getting along with classmates. Jayden began receiving numerous support services at school, but his stepfather Jesse became a central part of his life, providing the necessary support and structure Jayden needed to improve in school. He now lives with Jesse and Jesse’s parents, who provide a loving home and have been a huge part of Jayden overcoming many of life’s challenges. Jayden is described as a kind-hearted young man, someone who has a big group of friends, and who smiles a lot! Jayden loves to play games on his Xbox or PlayStation but also loves being around adults and engaging in conversations with them. Jayden is surrounded by a strong support system at Carroll Fowler as well. Jayden often looks forward to his time with support staff, greets his teacher with a good morning and a hug at the end of the day, and often expresses the staff have “the best day possible.”

Ayah Alshouli

Caswell fifth-grader Aya Qasim Alshouli Alhariri was born in Syria before fled as war refugees to the United States at the age of 7. Aya’s family settled in Ceres. Aya and her two brothers enrolled at Caswell Elementary School in August 2019. Aya struggled with communication upon her arrival in the US, but had the drive to succeed. Caswell’s staff would use Google translate as the means to communicate with Aya’s parents and to help the children feel welcome and safe. Aya was equally willing to help the staff learn Arabic, and Assistant Principal Mrs. Marshall is proud to say that she now knows how to say “good morning” and “how are you?” in Arabic, thanks to Aya. 

Aya has made remarkable progress in learning English and is able to communicate with friends and staff. Aya was immersed in a new culture but continues to display pride in her own heritage. Oftentimes, she enjoys teaching others about her land, the Arabic language, and culture. Caswell is lucky to have Aya and her family as a part of our school community. Academically, Aya has made tremendous strides. Only three years in Ceres schools, Aya reads above grade level and is improving in her reading comprehension and math skills. She is also a dedicated member of the school’s safety patrol team.

Every Student 2023 2

David Casique 

A sixth-grader at Don Pedro Elementary, David Casique is a quiet, kind, thoughtful, young man who is a stark contrast to the student who first came to the school. Upon entering kindergarten, David had a difficult time regulating his emotions and it became evident that he needed a support team to help with the daily challenges he was facing. That team quickly came together at Don Pedro, and it included classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, Student Support Specialists, Inclusion Specialists and administrators. He continued to make progress with each passing school year. The site implemented strategies that helped him develop a level of comfort going into the year and set the stage for his academics to grow.

The school established a practice of having David visit his classroom and meet his teacher a few days before school started. Knowing where he would sit, what the classroom looked like, and who his teacher was helped him feel more comfortable to start the new year. David developed into an avid reader and began developing friendships with other students. In second grade, David’s success in school became more consistent, and his personality and sense of humor started to shine. His friend group grew as well. 

This year in sixth grade, David is performing at the top of his class and has even met reclassification criteria to become a fluent English speaker. When the opportunity to participate in Outdoor Education presented itself, David was one of the first to have his permission slip returned.

Emmanuel Ramos Chavez

Emmanuel Ramos Chavez, a sixth-grader at Hidahl Elementary School, has grown after experiencing tremendous hardship in his young life, which understandably affected his performance in school.

He began his elementary years at Walter White after being placed into the home of his guardians, Maribel and David Velasquez, who have since raised him. After first grade, Emmanuel transferred to Hidahl where those same challenges continued. He struggled in building relationships with peers but over time, those behaviors have disappeared. Emmanuel has successfully cultivated an attitude of reflection and flexible thinking by considering the ways his actions affect himself and those around him. Emmanuel often has a giant smile on his face and has grown into a respectful, hardworking student. He demonstrates consistent gratitude and consideration by always being the first to say “please” or “thank you.”  He has great attendance and enjoys coming to school.

He also participates in many of ASES sports, excelling in football and soccer, and is a leader among his teammates. He is focused and making progress on meeting standards. This year he has been a model student, supporting his peers as everyone is learning to use the new math curriculum. Emmanuel has not only developed positive relationships with peers but he has also been a role model to his two younger brothers who look up to Emmanuel and follow his lead in making good choices.

Emanuel Villasenor

Emanuel Villasenor, a sixth-grader at La Rosa Elementary, was nominated for the “Every Student Succeeding” honor because of his determination, hard work, and perseverance which has led to tremendous academic improvement over the years. Emanuel began receiving reading support in the third grade. Emanuel has improved several grade levels and is enjoying success in all areas. His reading fluency has improved, he enjoys writing stories, and has a good imagination. He also enjoys math, which is an area of academic strength. He is a sweet and respectful boy who is always eager to help others and continuously puts forth his very best effort.

Emanuel’s strengths include his work ethic, determination to succeed, and a genuine desire to help others. He takes his schoolwork seriously and always works to improve his skills in all areas. When needed, he seeks help, and he works to ensure that all assignments are completed and on time. Not only does Emanuel demonstrate strong qualities in the classroom, but he also follows school and classroom rules and is a model to his peers. When asked to help another student who was having difficulty making friends, Emanuel befriended the student and now the boys are the best of friends.

Maximiliano Gonzalez

Maximiliano Gonzalez is a sixth-grader at Lucas Elementary School and has been at Lucas since kindergarten. Max has been through many hardships this year. He has experienced significant attendance and academic challenges due to circumstances outside of school beyond his and his family’s control, including some personal health issues. Max struggled to come to school every day earlier in the year, but he has been able to make improvements in this area and is now coming to school more frequently. Lucas’s staff is nominating Max for the Every Student Succeeding award because, despite everything he and his family have been through, he remains a kind soul with a positive attitude. Max is well-liked by his peers and by the staff at Lucas. He is an excellent example of a humble, courageous, and positive student. Regardless of the hardships he has overcome, he has never let his circumstances bring him down. He not only keeps a positive attitude but is also a great friend and a respectful student. At home, Max often supports his siblings and motivates them to do well in school. He cares deeply for his siblings and his parents. Max also works hard to persevere academically. Max asks questions in class and is driven and diligent in the classroom, often helping others by encouraging them to work hard. Max also enjoys sports and can usually be found on the field playing soccer and enjoying the company of his peers.

Every Student 2023 3

Xavier Barba

Now a sixth-grader at Sam Vaughn Elementary, Xavier Barba faced difficulties in completing work and making it through the school day in his first years. He struggled to regulate his emotions and would often shut down when adults tried to help. Still, there were times when he would open up about something he saw, draw or read. With much support from school staff members, Xavier has been able to complete more and more work in time, and has become more successful in the classroom. Xavier has also improved his social skills and his emotional regulation. Xavier receives support from the school’s resource specialist, works closely with a paraprofessional, and receives SEL services.

Xavier loves to play soccer with his peers, enjoys building friendships with other students, and has developed strong relationships with adults on campus as well. According to his sixth grade teacher Mrs. Borges, Xavier has taken control of his learning experiences this year. Although some days are challenging, Xavier is committed to resetting himself so that he can participate in his learning, which wasn’t something he was able to do in prior years. He has put his own learning at the forefront of his day as much as possible. This past trimester, Xavier earned an Academic Achievement Award for the first time.

Mrs. Borges states that “Without a doubt, Xavier is living up to his promise. He is committed to the idea of simply ‘being better’ than he was before.“

Logan Klino

Now a third-grader, Logan Klino came to Sinclear Elementary in September of his first grade year and was enrolled in a Special Day Class. He struggled with regulating his emotions and managing his feelings. Staff soon discovered that much of Logan’s frustrations were a result of his challenges with reading and writing. Because of his competitive nature, Logan would become frustrated when faced with academic challenges. In his mind, the struggles with reading and writing made him “different.” He worked hard most days to improve but would still become agitated. With help from his counselor, teachers, and para educators, Logan has learned to use the strategies to regulate his emotions.

Logan now works independently in the classroom most of the time and participates in all subjects. He is able to talk through his emotions and feelings. After making a poor choice, Logan is able to explain what he can do differently the next time and “owns” his behavior. The competitive nature that created challenges for him in the past are now a strength, allowing him to always strive to be better today. Logan has learned that he is very strong minded and can work hard to manage his behavior and be a good student and friend.

Miguel Leon Guerrero

Miguel Leon Guerrero is a fifth-grader who entered Walter White Elementary as a third-grader during distance learning. As a student with attention and academic challenges, Miguel understandably struggled with focusing. When students came back on campus, Miguel was a little more engaged in his learning, but the effects of the pandemic were obvious, and he still greatly struggled to maintain his attention and participate. 

In fourth grade, Miguel began participating more as a result of being back in the classroom full time. However, that same year, Miguel suffered the loss of two family members. His teachers worked closely together to help support Miguel’s social and emotional needs and to give him a safe environment to express himself. Miguel’s dad has provided continual support for his son, including pushing to get Miguel the resources he needed outside of school for him to be successful. Thankfully, Miguel also had access to resources at school, such as time with the Student Support Specialist and different resources in the classroom to help meet his needs. He also attended Bridge 2 Learning after school three days a week and was able to make a lot of growth academically since it was in a smaller group setting. 

Now in fifth grade, Miguel has shown much improvement, is able to participate more in class and better able to control his emotions and behaviors. He has taken on leadership roles including the Safety Patrol Team. Miguel has inspired so many people around him and serves as a role model for his peers on a daily basis. 

Ernesto Delgado Gonsales 

Ernesto Delgado Gonsales is a sixth-grader at Westport Elementary. Halfway into his kindergarten year, he was placed in the special day class at Hidahl Elementary School. Ernesto returned to Westport in third grade when he was placed into a General Education classroom.  Upon his return, Ernesto blossomed.  When schools shut down due to COVID during third grade, Ernesto made sure that he continued to log on and be present. After attending school virtually for his fourth grade year, Ernesto returned to in-person learning as a fifth-grader. Since then, Ernesto continues to progress with his learning, his speech, and his knowledge of world history and dinosaurs. Ernesto is one to ask questions that leave one impressed by his knowledge of world events.

Ernesto is passionate about his interests and is always willing and happy to share with others. He has really come out of his shell over the past few years. He likes to spend time with friends and is always up-to-date on the latest video games. Ernesto gets along well with his classmates, enjoys interacting with friends, and is making great progress.  Ernesto is not afraid to participate in class discussions and has had great success getting up in front of his classmates and doing presentations. Ernesto is currently part of Westport’s Bridge to Learning Coding program where he is learning the fundamentals of computer science and learning how programming is a vital part of technology.  

Ernesto’s accommodations, resource teacher, years of support from teachers and his family have all been a vital part of Ernesto’s success. 

Brielle Beckhart

Brielle Beckhart is a fifth-grader at Whitmore Charter School of Arts and Technology. Before her birth, her parents learned that she had Down Syndrome and a heart defect. Although emergency surgery wasn’t needed at the time of birth, she was considered to be in heart failure and was immediately placed on daily medication. 

Brielle spent three weeks in the NICU at Stanford as a newborn, had surgery on her intestines when she was three days old, and had open-heart surgery when she was three  months old. When Brielle was 2 ½, she had another surgery to insert a pacemaker which she still has today. Brielle and her family spend a lot of time at Stanford. She loves her doctors and nurses and the family is very thankful for the care she receives. Brielle has worked hard her whole life to learn how to eat, drink, walk, talk, read, write and do other things that most kids do naturally. 

At school Brielle is thriving! She loves school, her friends and her teachers. Staff members have noticed the progress she’s made this year. She has blossomed into a talkative social butterfly. When she’s not at school, you can find her hanging out with her horses, playing with her dogs, riding rides at Six Flags, and cheering for her brother Caleb in all the sports he plays. She is also a cheerleader for the Hughson Huskies. Any time you hear that someone with Down syndrome can’t do something, remember Brielle and the hard work she does to prove them wrong. 

Christian Mendonca 

Christian Mendonca is an 8th grader at Blaker Kinser Junior High School. In December 2021, Christian tragically lost his mother. During this very difficult time, Christian received outside grief support services, but he also focused on the support he found daily at Blaker Kinser. Developing friendships across campus was incredibly important for Christian, as was coming to school every day and getting good grades. As of the time of this recording, Christian has had perfect attendance this school year! He has also maintained a 3.4 grade point average throughout his junior high years. Christian’s support team at Blaker includes his Academic Strategies teacher, Mr. Walker, the inclusion specialist, Mrs. Valdez, and the student support specialist. Mr. Walker shares the following about Christian: “He is always at school, ready to learn with a smile on his face. Christian is a daily breath of fresh air in my classroom.” On a typical day at school, Christian can be seen dancing with friends at lunch, playing games with his peers, all the while being friendly and kind to all he encounters. Christian is also a member of the school’s Yearbook Team, and he thoroughly enjoys taking photos of campus events and reporting on everything happening at BK. He enjoys designing the yearbook because it is a new skill he can learn that will also benefit his fellow students. His Yearbook teacher, Mrs. Koelewyn, says, “Christian always gets his work done, responds well to feedback on his yearbook pages, and gets along with his classmates.” Despite everything that Christian has been through, the Blaker Kinser staff continue to be proud of the young man he is and how he treats others around him.

Lilly Rodriquez 

Lilly Rodriguez is a 7th grade student at Cesar Chavez Junior High School. At the tender age of 12, Lilly has faced difficult life circumstances that could have affected her ability to love herself and others. However, she has gracefully allowed family and school staff to provide her with tools to help her manage her emotions and make choices that will help her create a healthy and happy life. Staff members who have interacted with Lilly agree that her vulnerability and trust in others are a testament to her courageous heart. Lilly has demonstrated significant growth in her mindset. In fact, she is becoming a wonderful role model to her peers.  As Mrs. Merchant shared, “Lilly has made a positive impact on every student in my class. She has a great attitude when she is faced with challenges and encourages all her classmates to keep trying. Lilly has a great sense of humor. She is kind and respectful to every classmate and adult. Lilly advocates for herself and asks for extra support from her peers anytime she is stuck.” This quote speaks volumes about Lilly’s resilience and her compassion for others. Mr. Bryan, her English Language Arts teacher,  also shared a little about Lilly’s progress this year. He shared, “Lilly is happy, works with other students in class, participates regularly, and has a smile on her face at the start of every day.  She works to complete all assignments and will ask for help when needed. It has been my pleasure to watch this change in her take place over the course of the first semester to today.” The staff at Cesar Chavez are grateful to be witnessing Lilly’s personal growth as well as the strength and support of her family. 

Selena Olvera 

Selena Olvera is a seventh-grader at Patricia Kay Beaver Leadership Magnet School who grew up in an environment that no child should – surrounded by drugs and violence. After numerous incidents in which Selena’s safety was compromised, the young girl was taken out of the home she grew up in and was placed into her father’s care. When her father was forced to move to the Bay area for work, Selena was left to be raised by her grandmother. Over the next few years, Selena experienced the death of her mother as well as the failing health of her grandmother, whom Selena found herself caring for while also attending school every day. By the age of 12, Selena had experienced more struggles than most have in a lifetime, yet she continues to show resilience, kindness, intelligence, and leadership. Every day when she steps foot on campus, Selena does so with a determination and a smile that brightens up even the sunniest of days. When people in Selena’s life are asked to describe the kind of person she is after all that she’s been through, all use the word selfless. Selena strives to be successful and is driven to rise above her challenges. She does well in school academically, is always eager to make-up missing assignments when needed and comes in at lunch for help or to finish up work. She has aspirations of being a pharmacist just like her godmother.

Ramona Rosas

Ramona Rosas, who is a senior at Argus High School, was born to parents who were unable to provide consistent care for her, so she has lived with her grandmother. Although she has contact with her parents, her grandmother has been her primary caregiver throughout her life.

Ramona attended a number of different schools during her middle school years. She came to Cesar Chavez Junior High School as an eighth-grader, where she struggled academically, had difficulty maintaining attention in class, and had numerous missing assignments. As a result, Ramona did not walk the stage for eighth grade promotion. Ramona’s struggles continued in her freshman year at Central Valley High School, and when schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it only added to her difficulties. Ramona transferred to Argus as a junior with only 25 of the 130 credits required for graduation. At the beginning of her senior year, Ramona expressed disappointment that she wouldn’t be able to graduate in four years due to being severely credit deficient. With help from her learning director and the teachers at Argus, Ramona developed a plan to add additional classes to her schedule, along with completing online credit recovery courses, in order to accomplish her goal. Because of her determination and hard work, she will earn enough credits to receive her high school diploma by the end of this year.

Ramona has recently been hired as one of the first student workers for Argus High School’s online retail store, Mystical Designs. She is part of a small staff of students who are using graphic design software and a digital die-cutting machine to produce items for sale. After earning her high school diploma Ramona plans to attend Modesto Junior College. She is unsure of what she will major in but is excited to continue her education.

Ramona has much to be proud of and is a role model to the students and staff at Argus.

Alexander (AJ) Ibarra 

Alexander “A.J.” Ibarra is a senior at Ceres High School. After a rough start to high school, as a sophomore, A.J. found himself attending John B. Allard, an alternative school with military and disciplinary support. In January 2021, however, the Ibarra family’s nightmare began. A.J. was in a nearly fatal car accident with some friends, and he was admitted to Stanford Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Although his road to recovery was bleak, in March 2021, A.J. spent a month in a rehabilitation center in Santa Clara before he was able to return home and to Ceres High School to finish his sophomore year on the Home & Hospital program. A.J. returned to campus as a junior and was looking forward to seeing his friends and being an active high school student. Now in a wheelchair with a paraprofessional supporting him daily, A.J. quickly realized his goals were changing and so was his life as a student. However, he refused to give up. His paraprofessional, Bryce Herman, was instrumental in supporting A.J. and providing as much of a typical high school experience as possible. Many other staff members at Ceres High School had the privilege of supporting A.J. during this time, including classroom teachers, student support specialists, his case manager, health staff, classified support staff, and many others. By the end of his junior year, A.J. passed all of his classes and earned a 3.5 GPA. 

This year, A.J.’s achievements and successes as a senior have been monumental. During Dog Days registration, A.J. walked into the Student Center using his walker. He has become more social, volunteering answers in his classes, interacting with classmates, and working hard to earn credits for his senior year. He currently has a 4.0 GPA.

While A.J. Ibarra’s educational journey has not been typical, his perseverance and drive motivate him to improve daily so that he can walk across the stage and receive his diploma in the near future. His mother shared that “her hope is that one day AJ’s story will inspire others”.

Princess Janae Anderson    

Princess Jamie Anderson 

Princess Janae Anderson is a sixth-grader at Virginia Parks Elementary School, and her sister, Princess Jaime Anderson is a seventh-grader at Mae Hensley Junior High School. 

Princess Janae Anderson, known at Virginia Parks as Janae and fondly called Bitty at home, is one of the most remarkable and strongest young ladies you will ever meet.

Princess Jaime Anderson, known at Mae Hensley as Jaime, is beyond resilient and one of the most gracious students on campus.

The girls live in Ceres with their older sister Amber and her husband Robert, and their nieces and nephews.

The girls’ first entry into public school was many years past due – in their mid elementary school years. Janae shared: “When I started school, I didn’t know my full name, how to spell or even write it.”  Amber, their guardian, wasn’t sure where to start with their education but knew these girls were both resilient and more than capable of finding success.

Their educational delay was due to many years of instability in their home life and difficult living conditions. Their father spent extended time incarcerated and both parents struggled with substance abuse. Their life prior to starting in public school and living with their current guardian, Amber, was filled with constant food and housing insecurities. Jaime, Janae and their siblings did not have access to running water, electricity, food, beds or a home to sleep. Many nights were spent staying at friends houses, in RVs, or even in abandoned homes.

Three years ago, Jaime and Janae were both removed from their parents’ custody and placed into the custody of their older sister, Amber. Amber had met her siblings maybe three times previously, and it had been a year since they last saw each other, but Amber immediately took them into her home in Ceres. It took months for the girls to adjust and it has taken even longer to slowly learn all the trauma the children experienced and witnessed. 

When they started school, both girls had a lot of learning to make up for but would go bravely every day and enjoyed every minute of it. They loved being able to participate and truly appreciated so many things about being at school – things that many students and children take for granted.

Janae is an outstanding student and is currently the second highest reader in sixth grade. Jaime is thriving in all subjects and currently maintaining a 3.5 GPA in junior high. Staff at both schools see the young ladies working hard on their academics and assignments day in and day out. They both always have a smile on their face despite everything they have gone through. Beyond just their academics, they are both exceptional young women.  They show so much respect, responsibility, integrity and kindness to staff and students. 

Jaime and Janae do not allow their childhood experiences and fear to prevent them from seizing all the amazing opportunities in life. They are truly an inspiration to everyone around them every single day. 

Timothy White   

Central Valley High School senior Timothy White has overcome so many obstacles in his life, and with the support of many individuals as well as his own resilience, he has created a path for a successful future. At the age of 6, Tim and his siblings were placed in foster care. Over the years, Tim and his siblings were in and out of different foster care homes. During his early teenage years, Tim struggled with his mental health, and later qualified to receive support services. Tim moved around a lot, attending 10 different schools before coming to CVHS.  Tim has had a strong support team over the years. He has received ongoing support from his CASA sdvocate, Bethany Richardson, for nearly a decade. Tim met his future guardian, Kim Lewis, while in a group home where she worked. She assisted him in getting Tim placed into a foster home and when that didn’t work out, she took him in. Tim credits Kim for giving him his most physically and mentally stable home. Together they created a treatment plan that also helped him attain success in the classroom. As a result, Tim transitioned into college preparatory classes. Tim credits the support from his teachers, clinicians and behaviorist in helping him access the courses he needs to become prepared for college.

Academically, Tim maintains above a 3.5 GPA in all college preparation courses. He aspires to become a traveling nurse, while enjoying music, photography, and cosmetics in his free time. 

Teachers say that Tim always participates in his classes and is fully engaged whether it is a lecture, lab, discussion, review, or exams. He asks great questions and uses all the resources provided.

Teachers know he will be successful in college and will be an incredible nurse someday.