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CUSD introduces 81 new employees to School Board
new CUSD employees 2020
Nine of the new hires now employed by the Ceres Unified School District.

Ceres Unified School District introduced 81 new employees to the Ceres School Board during the commendation portion of last Thursday’s virtual meeting.

The following individuals are new employees with CUSD: Thomas Cisneros De Angelo (Carroll Fowler Elementary), Gianna Guiles (Carroll Fowler), Gurpreet Kaur (Carroll Fowler), Andres Ruiz (Carroll Fowler), Krystal Archuleta Cole (Caswell Elementary), Getsi Esparza (Caswell Elementary), Alex Santana (Caswell), Kayla Rosas (Don Pedro Elementary), Marissa Lopez (Hidahl Elementary), Elizabeth Mitchell (Hidahl), Achal Nadan (Hidahl), Eleanor Snyder (Hidahl), Jennifer Lourenco (La Rosa Elementary), Ricardo Mota (Lucas Elementary), Ivan Orta (Lucas), Sarah Silveira (Lucas Elementary), Samantha Allen (Virginia Parks Elementary), Andrea Andrade (Virginia Parks), Dana Olmstead (Virginia Parks), Sierra Borelis (Walter White Elementary), Angelica Gomez (Walter White), Cecilia Hernandez (Walter White), Cappi Jackson (Walter White), Heba Morad (Walter White), Robin Rodriguez (Walter White), Jessica Velasquez (Walter White), Marisol Humphrey (Westport Elementary), Melinda Gonzalez (Patricia K. Beaver Elementary), Emmanuel Wiseman (Blaker-Kinser Jr. High), Jimmy Bates (Cesar Chavez Jr. High), Oliver Fernandez (Chavez), Sarah Munoz (Chavez), Priscilla Stevenson (Chavez), Brent Bussard (Mae Hensley Jr. High), Maci Fusi (Mae Hensley), Alexia Garcia (Mae Hensley), Kyndel Heller (Mae Hensley), Malynda Lomeli (Mae Hensley), Ana Mumford (Mae Hensley), Alex Santana (Mae Hensley), Gabriela Vazquez-Lopez (Mae Hensley), Mustafa Al Bayaty (Central Valley High School), Stephanie Bettencourt (Central Valley), Bradley Bussard (Central Valley), Alex Calderon (Central Valley), Colton Cornfoot (Central Valley), Courtney Dayhoff (Central Valley), Donald Dudley (Central Valley), Kayla Himmist (Central Valley), Susana Kandeel (Central Valley), Elio Lepez (Central Valley), Carissa Mendoza (Central Valley), Amanda Monschein (Central Valley), Pomeline Perez Hernandez (Central Valley), Cristina Rocha (Central Valley), Terri Santos (Central Valley), Jose Vega (Central Valley), Eric Akers (Ceres High), Adriana Barreto de Freitas (Ceres High), Megan Bowen (Ceres High), Sarah Montez (Ceres High), Alexa Nunes Madruga (Ceres High), Paul Smith (Ceres High), Dolly Anderson (Whitmore Charter), Lindsay Green (Whitmore Charter), Kenneth Sanders II (Whitmore Charter), Ashlynn Walker (Whitmore Charter), Monica Woods (Whitmore Charter), Kerri Williams (Business Services/Fiscal Services), Andrew Munoz (Business Services/Child Nutrition Department), Blain Bradley (Business Services/Maintenance Department), Molly Mestas (Personnel Services), Jose Madrigal (Student Support Services/Child Welfare & Attendance), Cynthia Meija (Student Support Services/Project Yes), Brentnie Flippo (Student Support Services/Preschool), Chanda Kaur (Student Support Services/Preschool), Jessica Riojas (Student Support Services/Special Education), Patricia Schrock (Student Support Services/Special Education), Angel Garcia (Student Support Services/Student Services Department), Jamie Moe (Student Support Services/Student Services Department), Tong Teng Moua (Student Support Services /Student Services Department) and Geri Rothstein (Student Support Services/Student Services Department).